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We develop

top experts

Motivated and skilled employees are our most valuable resource. Hence, we guarantee our employees the chance to develop their professional skills. We offer further education for steel-fixers and foremen, and for those aspiring to become foremen through our Excellence program. We give constructive feedback on your work and we constantly analyze job satisfaction and quality of work. We also help in career planning and seek meaningful career paths for older workers together with them.
- Further education for steel-fixing
- Leadership training
- Microsoft 365 training
- Personal development discussions and career planning
- Age management program
- Excellence training program

We make you feel

at home

Many of our staff work separately from their families and other loved ones. Therefore, we believe it is particularly important to make the everyday life of our employees fun and meaningful. Our staff’s own Iron Men club regularly organizes a variety of joint free-time activities. The Excellence training program offers professional education with lots of tips for a good life – from time management to effective ways of work. Free occupational health care enhances well-being even more.
- Excellence training program
- Iron Men club free-time activities
- Other internal events
- Free occupational health care
- Support for quitting smoking
- Substance abuse prevention

Welcome to

Finnish society

Working in a foreign language, as well as living and working abroad, sometimes has its challenges. We help our employees in various practical matters, even hands-on if necessary, to help get things rolling. We help with housing arrangements, organize language training in Finnish and English, and support the families by connecting them with many services and benefits that the community offers – from social day care to
child benefits.
- Affordable housing provided by employer
- Assistance in finding an apartment
- Language training
- Support for migrating families

Safety at work is a result of many factors

At NJ Rebar we have an uncompromising commitment to the safety of our employees. On the construction site, detailed guidelines are followed to minimize risk. Occupational accidents are always dealt with in person, and elaborated with the entire staff to prevent the same from happening again. Various safety training, such as Hot Work and Occupational Safety Cards, as well as first-aid training, are an integral part of our operations in preventing accidents.
- Occupational Safety Card training
- Hot Work Card training
- First Aid training
- Dealing with accidents face to face
- Work safety infos

Good benefits in addition to salary

When you compare the profitability of different jobs, you might want to take into account the benefits you get at NJ Rebar. With the variety of benefits, your total salary will be very competitive. When the job requires it, you are entitled to mileage allowances, as well as to a phone benefit. After one year of employment, our employees are entitled to a flight ticket benefit, officials and foremen also to free meals. Naturally, you are insured against both small and severe accidents, which gives extra security to you and your family.
- Calculatory total salary at least € 14.53 / h
- Monetary incentives and bonuses
- Accident and group life insurance
- Mileage allowances
- Phone benefit for superiors
- Meal, sports and culture benefits for officials

Finland is a great country to live

and work

A well-functioning Nordic welfare society with its many advantages makes working in Finland rewarding. You’ll enjoy paid annual leave and sickness benefits, and in case of unemployment, you are entitled to benefits. In addition to occupational health services, you can use municipal health care and dental care at low cost. It is great to know that in Finland pension begins to accrue from the day you start your employment. Many are delighted at a better possibility of getting a bank loan and credit card.
- Paid annual vacations
- Pension starts to accumulate immediately
- Sickness coverage
- Unemployment compensation in the event of unemployment
- Possibility to get a bank and credit card
- Possibility to get a bank loan
- Municipal health care (incl. dental care)

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