Changes in NJ Rebar management

Tommi Leikas has been appointed CEO of NJ Rebar (Nousujohde Raudoitus) from 1.9.2017 until 31.8.2018. In his new role, Leikas will also join the NJ Rebar Board of Directors. At the same time, long-term CEO Tanja Karonen will become a full-time Chairman of the Board.

Leikas joins NJ Rebar from Advion Group Oy. He has over 20 years of experience in international sales and management positions and has led extensive organizational change projects. Leikas has also worked as a management consultant in the construction, transportation, manufacturing and technology industries and as a CEO in a telecom and power grid construction company.

Tanja Karonen is excited about the change. "Hiring an interim CEO for NJ Rebar is a natural step for our company at this stage. I look very much forward to our cooperation. Tommi will bring us strong knowledge and extensive experience as well as fresh ideas. As for my own role, I feel that now is the right time to step aside from the operational lead and concentrate on NJ Rebar's long-term development and explore potential new markets. During next year I will also do voluntary work and invest time in self-development and family."

Like Karonen, the new CEO will continue to develop NJ Rebar into a more customer-oriented and more efficient company. "In the recent years NJ Rebar has established its position as Finland's leading rebar company, but we want to be the forerunners in our industry and the development of operating models and methods will continue. We aim to offer our customers not only the best quality, but also agile and cost-effective solutions. Our employees are equally important to us and in the future, special focus will also be put to staff development and well-being. I am very confident in this company's prospects.”

NJ Rebar (Nousujohde Raudoitus Oy) is one of Finland's rebar companies specializing in demanding reinforcement work. We operate in a customer-driven and flexible way, continuously developing the industry. Openness, respect, pioneering-spirit and well-being are our values that guide our work every day.

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