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Terminal 2 Helsinki-Vantaa airport - NJ Rebar references

We are launching a new series of stories where we will tell the stories behind the construction sites. This is how we highlight the significance of our work - after all, we build a sustainable, high-quality urban environment of the future with rebar.

The series will be published in Rabarbar internal newsletter for personnel and in the News section of the website.

Terminal 2 Helsinki-Vantaa airport

The most extensive expansion project in the history of Helsinki Airport is under way. Finavia's giant investment programme allows the airport to serve 30 million passengers annually.

Year 2020: Near Terminal 2 there will be a new parking garage with 1,800 parking spaces. The walls of the parking halls will be covered with solar panels. Inside the parking garage there will be parking spaces for electric cars.

Year 2022: The expansion of terminal 2 will significantly increase the terminal's facilities available for check-in, security control and baggage drop services, and enhance current arrangements for parking and public transport. The expansion will be opened in steps. The expansion will also house a multimodal travel centre that will present us with opportunities to develop enhanced connections between the airport and other modes of transport.

NJ Rebar rebar projects at the airport:

Bus Terminal Shelter SR1 - New Terminal: Spillways, Walls, Pillars and Waste Air Tunnel SR3 Airport train - new entrance to train station, surface work SR4 Extensions - in-situ concrete footings, bus deck SR5 - P2 car park foundations and spiral ramp Area 4 Slabs - Ramps to Terminal T2 Civil Protection - Area 4 Civil defence shelter P2 car park ramp - escort ramp for terminal bridge P2 car park wall structures and shaft works

Site Manager: Osmo Töyrylä

Leading foreman: Pawel Celinski

Number of steelfixers 12-30

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