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We want to help our employees grow and develop in their profession. Therefore, NJ Rebar offers everyone a variety of opportunities for skills and career training and organizes recreational activities supporting well-being and life management. Finland’s advanced welfare system guarantees good benefits, as well as security in unexpected circumstances. 
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Working in Finland

A well-functioning Nordic welfare society with its many advantages makes working in Finland rewarding.

The Finnish legislation guarantees several employee benefits from paid summer vacation to inexpensive health care. And in Finland pension begins to accrue from the day you start your employment.

We try to generally make our employees lives easy in any way we can. 

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e develop top experts

Motivated and skilled employees are our most valuable resource. Hence, we guarantee our employees the chance to develop their professional skills. We offer further education for steel-fixers and foremen.


We give constructive feedback on your work and we constantly analyze job satisfaction and quality of work.

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Work safety

Safety at work is a result of many factors

At NJ Rebar we have an uncompromising commitment to the safety of our employees. On the construction site, detailed guidelines are followed to minimize risk. Occupational accidents are always dealt with in person, and elaborated with the entire staff to prevent the same from happening again.


Various safety training, such as Hot Work and Occupational Safety Cards, as well as first-aid training, are an integral part of our operations in preventing accidents.

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